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BiciTALENT Recruitment Tips - Part 6

We so hope you are enjoying our LinkedIn Recruitment tips series!

As you know by now, we are always searching for the best talents in the bike industry.

LinkedIn is a very important tool for us. We look for as many things as possible to find a good match for our clients.

Last week we already mentioned how important it is to add the companies you like to your profile. Whether that is the bike manufacturer of your new mountainbike or that new kid on the block in cycling gear.

The next LinkedIn feature we would like to highlight ist the possibility to enter LinkedIn groups matching your interests and to engage in posts there.

Grow your network as much as you can.

You are not getting to know people just by reading an article and scrolling on "creepy neighbour"-style.

Oh, you hadn't heard about creepy neighbours yet? We all have them, we all know them. And yes: it is us too.

When we read what people do and actually like that but don't engage with them.

And that is fine. If you want to stay where you are.

Engage in LinkedIn groups to get noticed

Our guess is... if you are still reading, you're probable up for a career change. So don't be a creepy neighbour.

Here are some of our favourite groups:

Our tip for this week: join groups that interest you and engage, engage, engage...

And maybe you'll get to know some interesting people, gain new acquaintances, grow your network and find that job you always dreamed about.

Cause quite frankly: life is too short to not be lived at the fullest!

Just our humble opinion.

We hope you liked this one... and don't be a creepy neighbour.

Leave us a like or a comment Whether it is on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

Let us know what you like and what we can approve.

And if you are looking for a job opportunity, contact us even if the jobs online don't quite fit the shoe just yet.

Hope you enjoyed this one.

Your BiciTALENT Team,


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