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BiciTALENT Recruitment Tips - Part 5

Today's recruiter tip for LinkedIn is so easy to do, but also so very important, especially for career changers or bike specialists who have been working in a whole different industry up until now.

Quite frankly, if no cycling industry inside knowledge is required for a position, we usually don't get hired.

Our clients demand that we get them the specialists in their area of expertise.

That is our unique selling proposition.

And if you wish to work in cycling, you might want so see yourself as a brand with a unique selling proposition as well.

Aren't we all so very unique?

One way to do that, it by adding all of your interests to your profile.

Just by following specific brands, whether they are:

  • bicycle manufacturers,

  • clothing,

  • accessories or

  • cycling teams

So follow your favourite brand.

Follow the brand you would like to work for.

Engage in their posts. Connect with people who work there.

And follow us for the hottest new jobs in the industry!

Next week we'll be sharing the most interesting groups to engage in if you are looking to get hired in the bike industry!

Hope you enjoyed this one.

Your BiciTALENT Team,

Daniel, Jana & Ellen


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