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Your Recruitment Agency for the bike industry

we help you to identify the right candidates

To find employees, foremost specialists and managers in the bike market is often a lengthy and costly process that binds valuable business resources. With over 17 years of market experience and our deep industry network in the fields of sports, bike, and e-mobility, we help you to identify the right candidates, we address them discreetly, pre-select the perfect match for you, and fill the people with enthusiasm for your company. 

Our Services For Bike & E-Mobility Companies

Within our comprehensive service, we accompany you from the profile meeting to the finalization of the hiring process. If requested we will be present at the job interviews, and we can also assist you with the integration of the recruited candidate in form of an exclusive onboarding coaching.

Profile meeting & consulting

In a personal consultation, we will discuss the requirements for the requested person and advise you on the final profiling with regard to the strategic and technical nature of the position.

Market &

data research

Based on client- and function-related criteria, we establish, in close consultation with you a target company list.


Discrete initial contact by telephone with identified persons to locate interested candidates who are willing to change. Pre-selection of candidates according to discussed profile requirements, as well as analysis of the received application documents.


Conducting interviews with candidates relating to the examination of professional, intellectual and social skills. Afterwards you will receive a summary of information about education, career, change motivation and personal appearance of the candidates, incl. a personal recommendation.


Moderated and accompanied candidate presentation at your house. The process is carefully prepared so that several conversations can be comparatively done in one day. Afterwards the candidates will be informed quickly and responsibly.

diagnostics testing

On request we administer with the favored candidates a suitability diagnostics testing based on the Reiss Profile. Whereas conventional behavioral tests depict extrinsic motivation factors, the test method used by Sport-Job provides information concerning the inner drive and motivation of people. After execution of the online test the candidates will be interviewed again with regard to the ideal profile to work out the highest possible congruence.

Reference Check

We are glad to seek upon your request overt and covert references of candidates.


Accompanying the candidates in the introduction phase in your home, in order to ensure a smooth integration into the new working environment.

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