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BiciTALENT Recruitment Tips - Part 7

Buongiorno pianeta,

is one of the greetings I love most when I open LinkedIn in the morning.

Pierre has been following us from the beginning as he is looking for a job.

Unfortunately we rarely have job openings in Italy, so I haven't been able to find him a job... yet.

But I do admire him so much.

Every day Pierre has a post starting with "Buongiorno pianeta" - "Goodmorning planet" and every day his posts are a true piece of art. My Italian has been better, so sometimes I am very grateful for the translation button.

Why am I telling you about Pierre?

Engagement. He is a true example of social engagement on LinkedIn. It could also be an Italian thing.


The more you engage with people, the more people will tend to engage with you, the more you will make your network grow.

Congratulate when someone gets a new job.

Don't just add a thumbs up, but actually comment.

Find something nice to say, and you will notice: people will start doing the same with you.

Should you have higher ambitions, you can also consider publishing an article, adding your portfolio or starting a blog.

Talk about yourself, let us know who you are. Yes, quite right, this isn't Facebook. But why shouldn't it be allowed to give a little bit of a sneek peek into your office (or outdoor) life.

In the last 7 weeks, we have been sharing some of our best LinkedIn Tipps:

  • The importance of a profile picture

  • How to make good use of your intro / headline

  • How to change your background banner

  • Skills & endorsements

  • Showing your interests

  • Networking in groups

  • Engagement /

Next week we will start with our series on a good cycling industry CV.

I hope you are looking forward to that.

Hope you enjoyed our LinkedIn series and should you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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